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Here you can discover all the different models of Carrera sunglasses which an Austrian brand of sport sunglasses founded in 1956 by Wilhelm Anger. Following his passion in cars, Wilhelm Anger launched his first production of frames aimed at racing drivers

Carrera glasses: a success story

In 1964, Wilhelm Anger developed “the Optyl” a thermosetting plastic which was 20% lighter than the acetate, which reduced allergic reactions and improved the fitting due to a memory like plastic making it elastic and stable. In 1974 the company was renamed Carrera International and headquartered in Traun in Austria. It then partnered with the automotive designer Ferdinand Alexander to develop the new sunglasses design Carrera Porsche. From the 80’s, Carrera sponsored sporting events such as the America's Cup, the 1988 Olympic Winter Games and Formula 1 races. In 1996, Safilo Group S.p.A bought Carrera and established its headquarters in Padova, Italy. The very popular Carrera Champion and Carrera Safari were created in 2008 and are the best-selling models known. (several millions of copies sold) In 1996, the company established its assembly industry in Henan Province, China. A complete collection of Carrera sunglasses is collected by Safilo Private Collection.

Carrera sun glasses : Promo Glasses’ collection

Have you heard of Carrera Grand Prix or Carrera champion? Two of the flagship models of the brand that combine unique style and sun protection for all events! With Promo Glasses you are guaranteed to buy you’re the cheapest Carrera sunglasses at the best prices on the web! But the Carrera sun glasses collection is not limited to Champion and Grand Prix models, so if you want to discover all the frames of the brand, do not hesitate to consult all our models available for sale in express delivery!