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Maui Jim

The history of the Maui Jim sunglass brand is one of the most surprising. The history of the Maui Jim sunglasses brand is one of the most surprising. However, today the success is largely at the rendezvous and Maui Jim has established itself as one of the main actors of the solar market in France and abroad. Maui Jim provide some of the most traditional styles of glasses but at the same time some of the glasses that are in the most demand. Before looking into buying on the models of this famous brand, why not take a few minutes to discover its history?

Maui Jim sunglasses: The story starts in the Hawaiian beaches.

It was in 1980 that MJ started its sales of solar mounts. What better way to be sure to sell many models? To sell them on the beach of course! On the sunny Hawaiian beaches, clients which were mostly tourists would buy Maui Jim sunglasses to protect their eyes from the UV rays. It is in this marketing spirit of relaxation and well-being that MJ was built, the models and the art of living is inspired by the beauty and characteristics of the Maui culture. The most ingenious thing was selling models to holidaymakers who, once they returned home, continued to wear them and promoted the Maui Jim sunglasses without the brand exporting its products and paying for it. advertising in targeted countries, rather ingenious no?

Maui Jim sunglasses at Promo Glasses

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