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Marc Jacobs

Discover Marc Jacobs sunglasses, the name of the famous American fashion creator and creator of a high market brand. Promos Glasses, distributor of Marc Jacobs sunglasses invites you to discover the history of MJ and the models that contributed to its success and that may interest you today!

Marc Jacobs: A story that started in New York and well before its first pair of sunglasses.

Born on April 9, 1963 in New York, Marc Jacobs was raised by his grandmother and she introduced him to knitting, sewing and the art of style and fashion from an early age.

He then continued this during his high school years and then in a school of fashion design instead of a traditional American university.

It is also during the end of year contest of this same school that he presented his collection of sweaters and is spotted by a businessman that was present in the room: Robert Duffy. They will then eventually become business partners but also one of his best friends still today. The two men will eventually try to make a name for themselves in the complicated world of fashion (more so in New York)

In the early 2000s he was recruited by Louis Vuitton and made a name for himself by giving the job of changing a company that was dated and was selling products that were out of fashion. From his Parisian residence he organized Louis Vuitton's counter-attack and allowed the brand to return to the top in a few years.

On October 1, 2013 he announced that he left the artistic direction of L.V and ended with a parade showing his entire career at L. Vuitton, and this parade is still remembered today.

Marc Jacobs sunglasses: Many years waiting

Before even seeing the first pair of glasses Marc Jacobs, people had to wait for many years until the designer makes a name as a designer and star of fashion as for some of his colleagues. He will create a line of perfumes, clothing and other products derived from his name. Marc Jacobs sunglasses have all the characteristics of successful frames. Glasses of very good quality (even when they are not polarizing), shapes of various and varied frames (round, oval, squares, aviator, wayfarer ...) sober colours and well finished frames with a touch of elegance that makes to brand so recognisable.