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Discover the catalogue and the wide choice of Persol sunglasses. The Italian sunglasses brand Persol, which means "for the sun" was born by chance in the early 1900s thanks to Giuseppe Ratti, photographer and owner of an optical berry shop. Like many competing brands, the story begins with eyewear fabrications for very specific professions such as airmen and motorbike drivers & motorcycles ...

The Persol brand: 100 years of history

When the first models were sold to the drivers of trains, pilots and airmen, it was necessary to take advantage of the range and continue to innovate with the first feedback of user experiences ... Subsequently, in the 1950's the Persol bezel brand designed models for train and tram drivers.

Always specialized in solar models, the brand prides itself on helping all professions that can be exposed to the sun to protect themselves effectively from UV rays and thus be more helpful and efficient in their precision work and based on good vision. .

Persol: A brand at the heart of innovation

Did you know ? Persol is one of the only brands to still innovate by its forms but also by the materials used and the manufacture of glasses. To do so, the famous brand of frames (optical and solar) submits their models to extreme tests as in the desert or high-altitude tests ... Thanks to these full-scale tests, the brand can offer models that are as qualitative as they are aesthetic to its historical customers.

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