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Want to have a pair of Serengeti Sunglasses? Discover without further delay the selection offered by your official distributor Promos Glasses. You will find in this category many Serengeti glasses at the best price guaranteed and shipped within 48 hours for your enjoyment and that of your eyes! Need to know more about the brand and its mounts? So, let yourself be guided by our product descriptions or contact directly one of our graduated opticians to get the information you need ...

Serengeti sunglasses: discover unique sunglasses

Did you know? The Serengeti sunglasses brand has more than 140 years of experience and innovation in the style and design of glasses as well as in the design, research and development of lenses that protect your eyes in an efficient and optimal way. It was in 1908 in an American optical laboratory that the story Serengeti will begin. Decades of research have led the brand to conduct tests on different types of lenses such as photochromic glass that adapts alone to the density of the sun and UV for a visual comfort of the most qualitative. This discovery, patent and commercialization are part of the brand's success, but discovery is still considered today as one of the main achievements of the optics not many specialists of the profession. From innovation, from the style of frames to the name of the brand (name of an African region of Tanzania or many sunny natural parks are present) the brand has managed to climb into the top 10 of the largest sunglasses brands. Indeed, it was even ranked in 1988 by Fortune magazine as one of the companies offering one of the 100 best products in the United States, not bad? For this reason, among others, special offers for glasses, approved online optician and official distributor of Serengeti glasses for women and men have chosen to offer these frames that never disappoint in their quality or aesthetic appeal.

Serengeti sunglasses: attractive prices at Promo Glasses

You are looking for a sunglasses Serengeti cheap or at least the best price? Know that Promos glasses is fighting all year to offer promotions and low prices on the major brands of sunglasses such as the brand Sgeti. However, know that the products of the brand cannot go below a certain price indeed, if you want an authentic model delivered with its certificate of authenticity and its original case as those delivered with Promos glasses the price does not can go below 100-150 euros. Below this price beware of fake and fake ways that could be sold to you by unscrupulous websites. The Serengeti glasses are high-end products that enhance the style, improve the visual comfort, that's why when buying these models, you will never go wrong! Need more advice? Missing information to this text? Don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone for advice on buying a Serengeti glasses.