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When you hear Fendi sunglasses, you can only think of the chic and elegance of the Italian brand created in 1925 in Rome. The creation of the brand as well as the well-known shop and the union between Adele Casagrande, who like many Italians and Italians already at the time worked with leather and created many things with it. Adele then married Eduardo Fendi in the early 1920s and they opened their first boutique specializing in the manufacture of elegant and sophisticated leather handbags ...   From the beginning, their success started straight away, and the brand soon had a reputation outside the Roman borders. After the war, the couple's five daughters joined the adventure and brought new ideas into the brand. In 1965, the world-famous designer Karl Lagerfel began working for the brand by designing new collections and reworking the brand's logo to make it more attractive and luxurious. In 1977, it is the women's ready-to-wear which was created by Karl L. The scarves, ties, gloves, sunglasses, jeans, perfumes and decorative objects were gradually becoming more popular any created great fans of the brand which is over 50 years old. Today the world-famous brand still offers a wide range of women's ready-to-wear, and Promo Glasses can offer you many different types of women Fendi sunglasses.

Fendi sunglasses, an out of the ordinary style

Whether you are a man or a woman, (even if the frames are generaly for women) Fendi glasses leave no one indifferent. This is mainly due to many different designs and forms of glasses such as round, butterflies, octagonal, pilot and many original colours and glasses shades which is highly appreciated by fashion stylists.