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In 1946, Christian Dior created his own fashion house. Although Dior is a fashion designer, he is passionate about women's fashion, which highlights and enhances the female silhouette. Her loose, unique skirts were part of her "New Look" movement that revolutionized post-war fashion. Women all over the world quickly fell in love with these feminine creations and the fashion house was a huge success. The brand has grown strongly since its humble beginnings in France with spectacular quality on products ranging from perfumes and cosmetics to Dior glasses and clothing

Renowned women such as Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner and the Duchess of Windsor were loyal customers of the fashion house. After the couture collection, Maison Dior designed a series of ready-to-wear collections that were quickly adopted by women looking for a piece with an elegant and glamorous design. Shortly afterwards, Dior (the brand) began producing men's clothing, perfumes, accessories, watches and jewellery.

The out of the norm Dior glasses collection

The Dior eyewear collection was not launched until the mid-1990s. The brand offers a range of sunglasses and eyeglasses in different colours and styles. The brand's classic vintage appeal is reflected in the glasses, but in a modern and refreshing way. Dior has always been known for its charm, elegance and couture spirit, so it was only fair that most of the eyewear collection should have the same identity. Dior sunglasses immediately became a fashion icon for the general public and were adorned by some of the most popular celebrities.

Most Dior frames and sunglasses are oversized in style, another characteristic of Dior's couture heritage. To keep the eyewear collection modern and innovative, the brand launches a new collection every year to remain at the forefront of fashion trends. Most of the Dior sunglasses collection is for women, but there is still a wide choice of frames and sunglasses for men and unisex (mixed).

Dior best sellers

Dior so real sunglasses have been a great success and have been a bestseller in recent years. The Dior Black Tie range is very popular for men. Other best sellers of the brand include Diorama, Dior Reflected, Dior Technologic, Dior Abstract and Dior Split. Fashionable men and women who want to stay at the forefront of the latest fashion and style trends, Dior eyewear is the right brand to adopt! At Promos Lunettes, we offer you a wide selection of the best eyewear at the best guaranteed price. In addition, on request, it is possible to obtain Dior glasses for your eyesight, so do not hesitate to contact us.