About us

Promoslunettes.com is managed by a state-certified optician who began his professional career with traditional opticians before joining his own distribution network. You have at your disposal a team of five opticians who are at your disposal to listen to you on the phone as well as by email.

All the products sold on our site are authentic and new. These products are the same as those you will find at any optician. Our suppliers are French companies that export their products from Italy.

Each pair of glasses that comes out of our workshops has received special care, because each of us is unique and a pair of glasses is a custom-made and personalized product. When you choose your glasses, they will be made exclusively for you.

We make sure that our models are up to date by respecting our customers' tastes. The shape of the lenses is very important depending on the morphology of the face. For this purpose, we offer a wide variety of round glasses, rectangle glasses, oval glasses...

In addition, Promoslunettes.com is approved by the social security, the purchases made on the site will follow the reimbursements from the social security as well as the mutual insurance company.

Promoslunettes.com mixes the professional side with the web side. By having a good customer relationship along with attractive.

The offer of promoslunettes.com can be summarized in three points: attractive prices without hidden costs, a wide choice and good quality service.